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How to Create a Visually Stunning Resume

In today’s cutthroat job market, it has become an imperative for job seekers to create their sexy profiles to draw the gaze of employers. Help is at hand. Now, you can create a visually stunning resume.

Career network has launched a new Career Portfolio, a visually informative snapshot of a person’s career that can supplement a traditional resume.

This new tool, available for free maps career accomplishments into a timeline, allowing recruiters and HR professionals to quickly scan for the most relevant information on the candidate.

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Announced today, March 20, Career Portfolio creates a pictorial layout that transforms often restrictive resume templates into storyboards of a person’s career. The end result is an infographic that serves as a representation of all relevant work experience, skills, education, certifications and interests.

It is believed that an average recruiter only spends 30 seconds or less on a candidate’s resume and the Career Portfolio’s concise gathering of data is an effective way to convey large amounts of information quickly and clearly.

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With almost 4 billion resumes sent out annually, there is extensive frustration among job seekers that their communication to prospective employers is lost in a sea of sameness, according to

“People tend to be visual learners and Career Portfolio provides a guidance technique that leads the eye to the most relevant information about a candidate, thus creating a powerful memory and lasting impression,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of

“Each job candidate has a unique story to tell and now they have a much-needed tool to bring their distinct narrative to life. Career Portfolio enhances a candidate’s resume the way a telescope focuses on a singular image, distinguishing its qualities among a universe of stars.”

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