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How KFC Creates a TV Ad Spot, #HowDoYouKFC

After its #HowDoYouKFC film starring X Games Moto gold medalist Bryce Hudson, KFC is launching a new television ad.

As part of the #HowDoYouKFC movement launched earlier this month, KFC developed a film featuring Hudson doing a backflip while eating chicken – a KFC Go Cup featuring Extra Crispy Tenders.

As the video continues to go viral, KFC says, it will transform the piece into a full-on prime-time television spot.

“So much of the #HowDoYouKFC movement centers around our fans,” said Jason Marker, general manager for KFC U.S.

The company will air the video as a television advertisement during prime-time. The spot will continue to air on FOX throughout the playoffs and the day of the big game, Super Bowl.

The Bryce Hudson video epitomizes how fans can have fun with the KFC Go Cup, which was launched by the brand last year, says the company.

It reveals Draftfcb Chicago created the video after consulting with a Hollywood stuntman to determine the most extreme situation for the KFC Go Cup.

At first, the team wasn’t sure how far they could stretch the stunts — but when they contacted professional FMX rider, X Games gold medalist and southern California-based stunt man Bryce Hudson, he was not only confident about it, he was ecstatic, according to KFC.

“I knew the backflip would be possible right off the bat,” said Hudson, “I was so excited to join the #HowDoYouKFC movement with the world’s first chicken-eating backflip because I could enjoy two of my favorite things at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Based on this video and others like it — namely a #HowDoYouKFC streetball film titled “The Professor,” also featuring the KFC Go Cup — the brand will evaluate options for fan-driven videos throughout the campaign.

KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Ky., is a leading chicken restaurant chain.

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