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How Facebook Likes Help Grow 100,000 Trees

How Facebook Likes Help Grow 100,000 Trees

How Facebook Likes Help Grow 100,000 Trees

Displate, an online art retailer, announced today the planting of 100,000 trees as they reached 100,000 Facebook Likes from fans around the world.

The plantings are intended as a thank you to fans and are just the latest step in Displate’s ongoing mission, which already has seen the company plant 78,740 since the start of 2015 as well as ten new trees for every piece of artwork sold on the company’s art site.

Important Note

Today, many companies are trying to hoodwink the consumers by showing the number of Facebook Likes on their brand pages. But the truth is that the fake Facebook Likes are freely available on the Web at the rate of peanuts. They can’t be the true measure of a brand’s popularity. Just ignore Facebook Likes.

Rakesh Raman

“People think liking a fan page on Facebook is something you just do with little thought and that doing so has no real value, well today every one of our 100,000 fans planted a real tree. I believe that matters incredibly,” says Charles Banaszkiewicz, CEO, Displate.

“We wanted to show that a social network can make a truly meaningful impact in the real world and if we can inspire any other company to make a similar commitment to helping the environment we would be thrilled.”

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Working with Trees for the Future, work begins immediately on planting Displate’s 100,000 trees as part of the international nonprofit’s ongoing work on the African continent.

Trees for the Future has planted trees in degraded farm areas around the world since 1989 and is currently focusing efforts on building Forest Garden Systems in seven African countries.

In doing so, the organization will continue to help farming communities achieve food security, develop economic resiliency and guarantee long-term landscape productivity.

Founded in 2013, Displate works with artists from all over the world to create artwork printed on metal.

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