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Firestone Using iPad App to Market its Building Products

Firestone Building Products Company has announced the availability of its new Firestone BP iPad application.

The free app gives building owners, facility managers, contractors, architects and consultants the opportunity to explore the complete integration of people, products and systems that Firestone Building Products offers.

“This new, easy-to-use app is an innovative tool that demonstrates the value of sustainable Firestone roof, wall and water management systems with dynamic, interactive graphics and videos,” said John Geary, VP of Marketing for Firestone Building Products.

The iPad app is available online from the App Store and provides a preview of Firestone’s Roots to Rooftop Building Envelope Solution with an overview of all the products from ground and stormwater management solutions, to complete wall panel and commercial roofing system applications.

The Firestone BP iPad app offers:

Multiple views – Explore Firestone Building Products and solutions from different angles and in a variety of real world settings with high-definition graphics

Product specifics – See how Firestone product solutions work and apply to a wide range of projects; features all membrane system options as well as a metal color selector feature and an R-value calculator

Green building – Product offerings and full service opportunities, with videos of the Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC Chamber) Water Management System and multiple Building Envelope Solutions options

The app was announced Friday, March 2.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., Firestone offers installation expertise and product support through roofing solutions and technical services departments and an international network of roofing contractors, distributors and field sales representatives.

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