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Endomondo Adds Social Fitness to Windows Phone App

Endomondo Sports Tracker turns the mobile phone into a personal trainer and a social fitness partner.

By leveraging Live Tiles and other features in Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of Endomondo Sports Tracker gives fitness enthusiasts even more options for interactive, social workouts that are key to getting and staying active, says the company.

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In addition to existing features, such as audio performance feedback, an intuitive user interface, calorie tracking, route maps and the ability to have friends send pep talks in real-time, the latest version of the Endomondo app, optimized for Windows Phone 7.5, now features:

  • Live Tiles that provide instant access to workout histories and News Feed updates from friends who use Endomondo Sports Tracker.
  • A Newsfeed with the latest workouts and activities by friends and ability to comment on each of them.
  • User-created music playlists for each workout to provide additional motivation and keep each activity fresh.
  • Ability to share selected workouts on Facebook or set up auto-sharing of all workouts.

“Live Tiles is one of the many features that make Windows Phone an ideal platform for making exercise more fun, motivating and social,” said Mette Lykke, Endomondo co-founder. The announcement was made today, March 28.

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Endomondo Sports Tracker also is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and other devices.

The Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app, which utilizes GPS technology, records a full history of workouts and can be used for any distance-based sport.

Photo courtesy: Endomondo

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