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Digital Literacy for 60 Million People Planned in Rural India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Digital Saksharata Abhinanadan Samaroh will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (October 7, 2017) at IIT Gandhinagar.

Pradhanmantri Grameen Digital Saksharata Abhiyan (PMGDISHA) is an integral component of Digital India Initiative of the Government. The scheme envisage to make 6 crore (60 million) citizens digitally literate in rural India.

The function will highlight the significance of digital literacy in addressing issue of digital divide / promote digital financial transactions and support in providing access to information, knowledge and skill there by leading to digitally empowered society.

PMGDISHA envisage to provide equal opportunity to rural citizens enabling them to actively participate in nation building and access livelihood through Digital Technology, Devices and Services.

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PMGDISHA scheme was initiated in February 2017 by the Government to provide basic digital literacy training to six crore citizens across rural India within two years, targeting at least one person from every household.

Citizens trained under PMGDISHA would be skilled in operating digital devices like computers, tablets, smart phones and use Internet in daily life for enhancing their skills and knowledge, access Government to Citizens services, healthcare and financial services as well.

The scheme also focuses on enabling digital financial transactions among the citizens. By seeding Aadhaar number to bank account of the beneficiary and enabling them to access various online Government services like booking of railway tickets, passport application, etc. would enable the citizen to leverage technology and participate actively in governance.

So far, according to the government, more than 55 lakh citizens have been registered on the PMGDISHA portal for digital literacy training, out of which more than 22 lakh citizens have been certified after successfully completing the assessment.

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