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Chicago Tribune Launches Tribune Trivia App

Introducing Tribune Trivia, the Chicago Tribune’s free smartphone and tablet application that taps into over 100 years of archived materials to generate questions that challenge and entertain readers.

The app, available now for download on Facebook, Android, or iOS, allows players to compete against friends or the computer and share their results via social media.

An ongoing leaderboard of the Top 10 players is housed on the member center within the app and published in Friday’s newspaper.

“The app is another way to engage with our audience and share our rich collection of Tribune storytelling,” said Joseph Schiltz, senior vice president of marketing for Tribune Publishing.

Each round consists of 10 questions from nine different categories including Health & Fitness, Music, Chicago History, Food & Dining, Travel, Sports, Money & Investing, Entertainment and History.

Points are tallied at the end of each round and added to the player’s overall profile. Questions are categorized as easy, medium and hard, with added points for speed to completion and more difficult questions.

New questions are added to Tribune Trivia each month so players are constantly challenged. A link is provided when the answer to each question is revealed, taking users back to the Tribune article from which the question originated.

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