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Bringing Pizza and Films to a Sofa Near You

Pizza company Domino’s Pizza has teamed up with Lionsgate UK, a leading independent filmed entertainment studio, to deliver movies alongside pizza with its new Domino’s Pizza Box Office service.

Customers can now order their favourite pizza and a whole host of popular films all online via Domino’s website:

Simply choose from a range of pizza and movie deals and confirm the order to receive a code to begin the film download. The movies are then streamed direct through a PC/MAC, mobile and tablet.

“We are delighted to be working with Domino’s on this innovative new service and look forward to bringing our new releases and cult classics to pizza eaters in their homes across the country,” said Guy Avshalom, COO, Lionsgate UK.

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Domino’s Pizza Box Office features the latest films for streaming rental at the same time as they are released for hire on DVD, meaning you can watch films weeks before they are available on other subscription services.

Top flicks for all ages from Domino’s Pizza Box Office include The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, as well as classics such as Scream and Dirty Dancing. Films will be continually added to Domino’s service, according to the company.

“With us now delivering both the pizza and the movie, there’s never been a better recipe for a top night in!” said Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Domino’s.

The announcement was made today, Oct. 30.

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