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Ben Heck Xbox Files Show for Traveling Gamers

Collaborative engineering community – element14 – and modding guru Benjamin J. Heckendorn, a.k.a.Ben Heck, wrap up season two of “The Ben Heck Show” by designing a compact Xbox 360 laptop for portable gaming.

“The Xbox Files” show underscores Ben’s ongoing quest to build user-friendly gadgets, segueing into a third season packed with all-new, entertaining mods beginning early November.

Ben deconstructs the Xbox gaming system to integrate new, enhanced features, including an upgraded ring of light, a TI audio amplifier for built-in stereo sound, and a volume control with only one input to streamline game controls.

Ben also designs and routes a custom case using nothing more than a bit of ribbon wire, DIY-finesse and ingenuity. The end result is a perfectly built, slim and portable Xbox 360 Laptop with all the sought-after outputs – optical, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB – providing professional and amateur gamers with endless gaming whether at home or on-the-move.

“I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to close-out the second season of the show,” said Ben. “Let’s face it – I began my modding career by building a portable device, and I enjoyed ending a second successful season with another magnificent, infinitely portable build for the avid gamers out there.”

Fans of the show can to tune in on Nov. 2 exclusively on element14 to watch the first episode of the third season of “The Ben Heck Show,” designed to provide modders and DIYers an enhanced viewing experiencing.

Airing in 10-minute weekly segments, viewers will gain even more problem-solving fodder, as well as unique design insight and inspiration, believes element14.

Launched in June 2009, element14 is an information portal, collaborative community and electronics store specifically built for electronic design engineers.

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