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Al Roker’s Tips to Stay Connected in the Always-On World

“If you’re like me, your office these days is anywhere but your traditional office,” says TV personality Al Roker. “But with the Internet and Office on my side, it’s easy to stay connected to people and information, anytime, anywhere.”

Software company Microsoft roped in Al Roker to promote its Microsoft Office software. The company says the reality of today’s always-on world means that life and work must keep moving.

So when you can’t be where you need to be due to unplanned events such as bad winter weather, a family situation, or a surprise meeting, let Microsoft Office help you stay productive no matter where you are.

If your office address has changed to “anywhere and everywhere,” here are a few tips to keep you on track, no matter what:

1. Be a packrat. Store important documents for free on the Web so you can access them over the Internet, from a computer, iOS device, or Windows Phone.

2. Let Office be with you. Create, view, and edit documents from any Mac or PC connected to the Internet, with the free Microsoft Office Web Apps.

3. Seize the moment. Make a quick list, or capture images and audio in Microsoft OneNote on a Windows Phone or iOS device, then access and edit those notes on the Web.

4. Be as good as there. Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Broadcast on the Mac or PC to present ideas to people in different locations. Participants can even view on their mobile phone.

5. Work together when you’re not (together). Make revisions with others at the same time using co-authoring in Microsoft Word 2010 and the Word Web App on the Mac or PC.

6. Take people with you. Store contact information for all the important people you know in your Microsoft Outlook Address Book – so you’ll never be without a number, email, or address.

7. Mind your time. Manage your calendar and setup, move or cancel appointments on the Windows Phone.

8. Don’t make them wait. Set an automatic reply from Outlook on your PC or Windows Phone to let people know you’re out.

9. Turn information around on the go. Receive, read, edit and send Office documents from virtually anywhere on a Windows Phone.

10. Enhance your blog. Publish your “marooned manuscript” in a blog and enrich your story by embedding a PowerPoint slideshow.

Microsoft released this information Thursday, March 15.

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