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Adobe Digital Advertising Solution for Marketers

Adobe Systems (Nasdaq:ADBE) unveiled Wednesday a standard version of Adobe Media Optimizer, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. It is a digital advertising platform for campaigns across search, display and social media.

The new edition, Media Optimizer Standard, delivers a rules-based bidding solution that improves the performance of search engine marketing campaigns through seamless integration with Adobe Analytics.

According to Adobe, Media Optimizer Standard is designed for media buying agencies, search engine marketing (SEM) agencies and direct advertisers seeking more control and transparency over their campaigns at an economical price point.

The solution offers an interactive dashboard that gives marketers the ability to tie data-driven insights to tactical changes in their ad campaigns across Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

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“Adobe’s digital advertising solution lets marketers run cross-channel campaigns that fully maximize ROI. With the new Standard version we are bringing proven features from our Premium version to agencies and direct advertisers to help them further automate their campaigns with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface,” said David Karnstedt, senior vice president, Media and Advertising Solutions, Adobe.

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The Adobe solution not only provides a collection of interactive reports in one location, but also gives marketers the ability to efficiently manage campaigns, ad groups and keywords directly from the same interface.

Additionally, updated Bid Rules functionality allows advertisers to set up and control how bids are executed and fully automate the bidding process across search engines.

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Several of the existing features in Media Optimizer Premium, the platform best suited for large agencies and enterprises, are also part of the Standard version, says the company.

Since both Standard and Premium use the same foundation, clients that find the need to upgrade to Premium require no new deployment and are quickly up and running with algorithmic bid optimization.

Media Optimizer’s seamless integration with SiteCatalyst allows advertisers to use Website data to optimize and better target their campaigns in real-time. All of the advanced campaign management functionalities are also included in Media Optimizer Standard.

In addition, according to Adobe, media agencies can layer their own services on top of both Media Optimizer solutions including more advanced modeling and analytics services to provide their clients with maximum ROI.

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