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Wild Kratts Creature Math App for iPad

PBS KIDS has launched Wild Kratts Creature Math, the newest app from the Wild Kratts series.

Available exclusively for iPad, Creature Math offers a new way for fans to learn math skills while exploring creature powers with Wild Kratts creators and stars Chris and Martin Kratt.

Produced by Kratt Brothers Company, the Creature Math App allows users to practice basic math skills, like addition and subtraction, as they create their very own animal habitats.

Players also learn science concepts as they build homes and plant food items for the eight different animals featured in the game.

Wild Kratts Creature Math App

The latest iOS app from Wild Kratts, Creature Math adjusts automatically as players’ skill levels increase and introduces interesting facts about animals as players build up to four unique wildlife habitats.

Children are challenged to manage the habitats in a way that helps the animals and habitats thrive. The Wild Kratts Creature Math App is part of the Ready To Learn Initiative, an early learning project of PBS KIDS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Wild Kratts Creature Math App will be made available for free to families in low-income communities through the PBS KIDS Mobile Learning Program, a national outreach program launched last year.

As part of the program, PBS and CPB are collaborating with Head Start centers and local PBS stations nationwide to distribute free app download codes, so that educators and families can better support children’s learning in Head Start centers,

Title I schools and other community-based organizations in low-income neighborhoods. Educators and families in these communities will also be able to obtain codes for use on their professional or at-home devices.

The Wild Kratts Creature Math App is also available for $1.99 from the App Store on iPad or at

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