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What Are the Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to Children?

What Are the Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to Children?

What Are the Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to Children?

An Expert Forum on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks with a special focus on risks to children and other vulnerable populations will be held at the Commonwealth Club of California on Monday, June 22nd, from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Co-organized by and Environmental Health Trust, leading U.S. advocacy, research and policy organizations, the program will be of interest to parents, teachers, schools and government officials and policymakers.

It will feature scientists, physicians, a psychiatrist and public health experts, including EMF experts visiting from the U.K., Turkey, and Australia.

Data from Wi-Fi exposures in school environments will be presented, showing the degree to which pulsing Wi-Fi radiation can be above the recommended safely limits during a school day, and the magnitude of cumulative exposures to children that need to be taken into consideration in evaluating risk.

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Important new insight into the biological mechanisms of wireless radiation will be conveyed, as well as some preliminary data on genetics. The important but little understood connection between the growing use of mobile devices in the classroom and the epidemic of mental health issues, learning difficulties, and overuse of psychotropic medication in children will also be addressed, as will the effects of tech overuse among children in general.

Various actions several other countries are taking to protect children from cell phones and wireless technology will be reviewed, in stark contrast to the lack of actions to protect children in the U.S.

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A discussion of the new condition, electrosensitivity, among both children and adults, will be presented, as well as science showing brain and organ impacts in animals later in life after prenatal exposure.

Given the state of the science, and the children’s health clinical scenario emerging, the program will conclude with a review of policy options by Joel Moskowitz, PhD of UC Berkeley. You can register via Commonwealth Club.

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