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USA TODAY Releases Its First Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality App

USA TODAY, in partnership with FLORIDA TODAY, released USA TODAY NETWORK’s first augmented reality (AR) application, 321 Launch, to bring interactive space coverage to its audience.

The application brings viewers an AR hologram rocket launch experience from liftoff to landing. With live insights from FLORIDA TODAY’s space experts, the experience guides users through an AR rocket launch from any flat surface, with an animated hologram showing the rocket in real-time.

The app incorporates telemetry data, generating a predictive flight-path and allowing users to follow the speed, acceleration and altitude of an active rocket launch live in augmented reality.

Features within the app include:

  • Live video coverage of upcoming rocket launches, beginning with SpaceX Falcon 9
  • View a launch’s predicted flight path by simply pointing your phone at the sky
  • A tabletop AR hologram of the rocket to view real-time events, from liftoff to landing
  • Real-time commentary from space experts to guide you through the launch and provide insights on the mission
  • Ability to switch between AR and the live video broadcast

The app will be available for iPhone models 6S and above with iOS11, and in the Google Play store for Android 7.0 or later.

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