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Tiki PC Comes Bundled with a Lump of Stone

That’s what the vendor says: When you buy Tiki PC, stone comes free with it. PC maker Falcon Northwest intends to change the perception of how big a powerful PC needs to be with its new Tiki “micro-tower”.

At only 4″ wide and 13″ tall, Tiki is roughly the size of an original Xbox game console. Inside Tiki packs the NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, the Intel 3rd Generation Core-i7 “Ivy Bridge” quad-core CPUs, 16 gigabytes of memory, and up to four terabytes of storage. It’s even got a liquid cooling system, says the company.

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“Tiki is a showcase of how far the PC industry has come in just the past year,” said Kelt Reeves, president of Falcon Northwest.

“CPUs and graphics cards have taken massive leaps in performance and power efficiency. Tiny solid-state storage has become affordable, and the miniaturization of motherboards all mean that your average tower PC is now much bigger than it really needs to be. With Tiki, we solved the heat and noise challenges involved in getting rid of all that excess space.”

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Making a desktop PC this thin presented a new design challenge: it’s fairly easy to knock over with a stray elbow or by a pet, says the company.

So Falcon custom cut Tiki’s base out of solid granite. Tiki is claimed to be the first PC ever to ship with 6 pounds of natural stone as standard equipment. The polished granite base gives Tiki both stability and a uniquely high-end style, according to the company.

Launched today, June 25, Tikis will be custom built to order and begin shipping in early July. Pricing starts at under $1,900 for basic configurations and ranges to almost $5,000 for custom painted, fully-loaded builds.

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