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Texas Instruments Launches STEM Squad for Students

STEM Squad for Students

STEM Squad for Students

Texas Instruments (TI) has launched a summer STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) tour that kicked off Tuesday at C.E. Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts in Charleston, South Carolina.

From now through September, TI’s STEM squad will visit school campuses across the country, offering project-based learning activities that make important STEM concepts relevant in real-world, meaningful ways. TI will also host live, virtual field trips throughout the summer to give even more students an opportunity to engage with STEM.

TI has put together a selection of fun and simple activities that introduce students from middle school through high school to STEM, coding and the basics of engineering design.

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For example, students can learn how to program an alarm that alerts an owner if they forget their pet in a hot car. Or, kids can experiment with robotics as they learn to program a calculator-controlled robotic car to navigate a volcano on Mars.

Students at more than 50 school campuses across the country will experience TI’s STEM curriculum this summer, helping to maintain their academic edge.

“Learning doesn’t have to end when the last school bell rings,” said Peter Balyta, president of TI Education Technology. “Summer is an ideal time for students to experiment with math, science and even basic engineering, without the added pressure of grades or tests.”

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