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Sony Electronics Invites Applicants for Future Lab Program

Sony Future Lab Program

Sony Future Lab Program

Sony’s new “Future Lab Program” aims to give the world a glimpse into its technology from R&D in the form of core concept prototypes, in the hope of co-creating future lifestyles and user value.

Concept prototype “N” represents a new, unencumbered way to experience audio, with a hands-free and open-ear style interactive interface for accessing music and audio information.

The program, targeting the first concept prototype N, kicks off in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area communities, with the recruitment of participants for the program.

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Future Lab Program N starts in the U.S., and began Thursday the recruitment of program participants.

Applicants can sign-up for this program on the event site after they’ve experienced the prototypes which will be on an invite-only basis. An invitation to the event will be sent to applicants who agree to Future Lab Program N’s terms and conditions and have applied beforehand.

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Participants will be asked to use the concept prototype throughout the program period, and their feedback collected from questionnaires, interviews, and meet-up events will be used for further development for research and development.

Selected users who support the mission of the Future Lab Program will be chosen to participate in Future Lab Program N.

The Concept Prototype N contains the following elements which are currently under development:

1. Neckband-style wearable device

The neckband is equipped with open speakers and responds to voice prompts, making it a new breed of a wearable device that requires no earpiece and realizes a fully hands-free operation.

2. Open-ear earphones

This device is an entirely new breed of earphones: an open-ear type.

3. Personalized radio service

This service leverages the behavior recognition technology equipped in the Concept Prototype N in order to provide the user with timely audio information based on the user’s surroundings or location, or in response to a voice command.

The Future Lab N Program fee will be $100 USD.

Photo / Video courtesy: Sony

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