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Shiv Nadar and Sanjay Kalra Launch New Investment Firm

SNSK Chairman, Sanjay Kalra

SNSK Chairman, Sanjay Kalra

Shiv Nadar and Sanjay Kalra today announced the launch of Shiv Nadar & Sanjay Kalra Associates LLP (SNSK), an investment firm. The firm will focus on healthcare technology investments in the United States.

SNSK will invest up to USD 500 million to buy-out IT product and platform companies across providers, payers, pharma & life sciences, which are either disrupting or being disrupted by the confluence of regulatory changes, evolving consumer attitudes, changing demographics, and emerging technologies.

SNSK’s investment thesis favours creating an integrated portfolio of mature businesses. The firm will also invest in select early stage U.S. and Indian companies, where product, platform or talent will accelerate portfolio objectives.

The focus areas include hospitals, ambulatory, long term acute care, physician practice, information exchanges, ACOs, self-funded and commercial insurers as well as insurance exchanges.

Shiv Nadar, chairman, HCL and mentor, SNSK, said, “The U.S. healthcare industry is undergoing radical transformation with the Affordable Care Act. Evolving thought and business models have little semblance to present mechanisms. Over the next five years, SNSK aspires to be an engine of accelerating digital solutions that would make patient care more accountable, efficient, predictable and effective.”

Talking on the strategic approach of the new entity, SNSK chairman, Sanjay Kalra said, “SNSK is an operating team with capital. Our relationship capital, trust and Shiv as a mentor are the most valuable elements we bring to our portfolio companies. We will support management teams to unlock value in their companies through our entrepreneurial passion, engineering heritage and global operating experience.”

SNSK managing director, Mahesh Nagaraj added “The firm intends to realize synergies across its portfolio and rigorously explore growth in new markets. SNSK’s operational expertise, cost discipline, India based R&D capability and cutting-edge technology adoption will support businesses in achieving their potential.”

Shiv Nadar & Sanjay Kalra Associates is an investment firm which leverages operating expertise and proprietary capital to fuel growth in transitional markets.

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