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Sex Life Survey: People Use Phone and Facebook During Sex

Sex Life Survey

Sex Life Survey

The wonders of technology help to bring people together, but is it also a key factor in keeping them apart?

With today’s couples interacting with their devices more than each other, could gadgets and gizmos be the main reason behind the fact that people are having 20% less sex than in 2000?

While raising these issues, sexual wellbeing brand Durex will be celebrating Earth Hour this March by encouraging people to take the opportunity to “reconnect with each other” whilst the lights are out.

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Durex reveals that 20% of US 18-34 year olds have admitted to having used a smartphone during sex (Harris Interactive) and Twitter users on average have shorter relationships than non users (OK Cupid). Is tech just turning us off?

A recent poll for Durex (OnePoll) on the UK’s sex life revealed shocking statistics including 12% of people had answered a phone during sex, one in ten had read a text and over 5% of respondents had even checked Facebook while making love.

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Durex believes nothing should get in the way of great sex. So let’s log off and switch off. Escape the screen to embrace the dark. This Earth Hour, let’s take the opportunity to reconnect while the lights are off, it suggests.

As a call to action, Durex is releasing a short film which follows the stories of several couples who have become distracted by the lure of a screen.

By not only turning off all lights on March 29, 2014, but also switching off all gadgets and gizmos, people can use this opportunity as an excuse to swap their laptops for some loving and ditch their phones to enjoy some foreplay.

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Ukonwa Ojo, who leads Global Brand Equity Marketing for Durex, says: “Earth Hour provides the perfect opportunity for couples to switch off for an hour and focus exclusively on reconnecting with each other. What else is as much fun to do in the dark that is as energy efficient as it is energetic?!”

Earth Hour is on March 29, 2014 between 8:30 – 9:30PM,

Durex is a leading sexual wellbeing brand. It not only produces condoms, but also offers pleasure gels, lubricants, and personal massagers.

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