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Samsung Platform to Accelerate Internet of Things Development

Samsung ARTIK

Samsung Electronics announced Tuesday the Samsung ARTIK platform to allow faster, simpler development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

ARTIK is an open platform that includes a family of integrated production-ready modules, advanced software, development boards, drivers, tools, security features and cloud connectivity designed to help accelerate development of a new generation of smarter IoT devices, solutions, and services.

All members of the Samsung ARTIK family incorporate embedded hardware security technology, on-board memory and advanced processing power in an open platform.

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Security is also a key element of the advanced software integrated into the platform, along with the ability to connect to the Internet for cloud-based data analytics and enhanced services.

RMN Digital adds: Internet of Things (a.k.a. Internet of Everything) is an ambitious future computing concept. It aims to connect all objects and even people in the world with Internet. All of them will have unique identifiers that could be monitored with the help of computers.

It’s estimated that over 30 billion objects will be connected wirelessly with Internet of Things by the year 2020. However, it’s not yet clear how this concept will help businesses or people at large. Top tech companies in the world are working to find applications around Internet of Things.

As an open platform, Samsung ARTIK can be easily customized for more rapid deployment of IoT devices and the services that can be delivered using them.

The Samsung ARTIK platform comes in a variety of configurations to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of devices from wearables and home automation, to smart lighting and industrial applications.

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