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Rogers Connectivity for 3G PlayStation Vita

Rogers Communications and Sony Computer Entertainment Canada (SCEC) announced Tuesday that Rogers will provide exclusive wireless connectivity for the 3G-enabled PlayStation Vita launching in Canada this fall.

With a wireless connection, PS Vita owners will have the ability to remain connected to their content and gaming community over the Rogers wireless network.

“PlayStation Vita with a 3G connection will completely transform the way Canadian gamers play on the go, offering new ways to play games and interact with entertainment,” said Stephen Turvey, VP, SCEC.

“With access to the Rogers 3G wireless network, PlayStation Vita owners will be able to stay connected with their friends and experience PS Vita’s rich social gaming features virtually wherever they are.”

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PS Vita systems with an active Rogers data package will also take advantage of software functionality developed specifically for the 3G-enabled model, allowing users to game at the speed of their mobile lifestyle.

This will include turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, instantly updated rankings and leaderboards, immediate access to the latest downloadable add-on content, and real-time community news.

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“Canadians want to live connected lives, and we are enabling another world-leading internet experience through working with Sony to deliver the next mobile gaming innovation to Canadians,” said Mansell Nelson, VP, Machine to Machine at Rogers.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita

Wireless enablement and a seamless payment interface will be built into the PS Vita system through a specialized SIM card powered by the Rogers Control Centre.

PS Vita owners will have the ability to activate data packages directly on their device. Rogers will offer two data packages on a month-to-month basis with no long term contract. Two plans will be available at launch including:

  • 250 MB for $15.00, 30-day data package which starts at the date and time of purchase
  • 5 GB for $35, 30-day data package which starts at the date and time of purchase

The PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Launch Bundle includes a download voucher for two PS Vita games – Gravity Rush and Unit 13, and will be available at major electronics retailers in Canada on October 2 for $299.99.

Rogers data packages are priced separately and will be available on a month-to-month basis. Users can activate a data package directly from their PS Vita system.

Photo courtesy: Sony

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