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RedZone: An App for Real-time Crime Reporting

RedZone: An App for Real-time Crime Reporting

RedZone: An App for Real-time Crime Reporting

RedZone, a GPS-driven, real-time crime and navigation map app, launched Wednesday on Apple’s App Store after completing its beta testing period.

Now available for free, the company says, RedZone’s proprietary geo-fencing technology combines real-time crime data and seamless GPS navigation with a social media twist.

The app’s intuitive design offers a straightforward way to identify “red zones” – concentrations of highly reported crime in an area – and helps navigators obtain optimal cautionary commuter alerts.

Whether enabling travelers to familiarize themselves with their surroundings, navigators to avoid high-crime neighborhoods, or businesses to identify new locations, RedZone anticipates increased consumer interest in mapping technology to aid in safer navigation, says the company.

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“We believe that RedZone’s innovative technology will allow the average person to be more aware of his or her surroundings – in real-time – and will enable the user to share information with others in communities all over the world,” said Ted Farnsworth, RedZone CEO and founder. “It is amazing to see what we can do together, instead of standing alone.”

RedZone is free and easy to use. Available on mobile devices, it is powered by geo-fencing to inform users of high-crime areas by voice and screen.

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Offering a risky route and a safe route, RedZone will re-direct the user around risky areas, out of harm’s way. Coupled with crowdsourcing, it allows people to drop a pin to reflect hazards that they see such as accidents, police sightings, crimes in progress, etc., supporting today’s engaging mindset of, “I want to see it now.”

When users navigate within the app, risky areas along their routes populate and display pins to show the exact locations of any shootings, assaults, thefts or other crimes that may have occurred within the past 90 days.

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Additionally, users have the ability to report a witnessed incident, crime or other hazard. All data within RedZone is backed up with police reports, and the app engineers are constantly monitoring and updating to ensure accuracy.

Currently available to iOS users with an android version launching shortly, RedZone is available in the App Store.

RedZone is a mapping and spatial analysis company with offices in the U.S. and Israel.

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