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Pixlr Photo Editor Comes for Photobucket Users

Photobucket will now offer Pixlr tools, including the Pixlr Editor, which enables per-pixel editing, and the newly revamped Pixlr Express, which provides simple tools to correct, crop, resize and personalize images with effects, overlays and borders.

Software company Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced a partnership with Photobucket, a leading dedicated photo and video sharing service, to bring Pixlr photo editing tools to Photobucket users.

Pixlr’s integration within the Photobucket website will give users access to a new set of tools for editing their images directly within the Photobucket service.

The partnership between the companies will also provide advertisers with a creative environment from which they can deliver custom, branded effects in Photobucket ad packages.

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“Our goal is to enable our 100 million users to share their memories and stories with simple, best-in-class creative tools; and our partnership with Pixlr enables us to do just that,” said Kate Hare, vice president, Products, Photobucket.

Pixlr is one of the most widely used free photo editors. It transforms any image with a fast, intuitive and robust toolset that is easy to use for inexperienced photographers with no prior knowledge of photo editing, while also offering fully featured, per-pixel editing complete with layers, adjustment tools and filters for the more advanced user.

Photobucket users will have access to all Pixlr editing tools, from simple to advanced functions. It was announced today, April 10.

One comment on “Pixlr Photo Editor Comes for Photobucket Users

  1. Seriously…27 steps to do what was only a few steps on the old editor, and that was just for one!

    It be different if Pixlr came up with something new and cool…but this is the same crap I don’t use on my computer already.
    If you think paying customers are going to stay on PB for this broken piece of rubbish…you have a rude awakening ahead of you…and possibly ruined one of the best sites on the web.

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