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Philips Pocket Memo Device for Digital Dictation

The increasingly mobile business community, growing volumes of documentation, the pressure of rising costs and all sorts of security issues raise the bar for digital dictation devices significantly, believes Philips.

So, the company is now offering its tailor-made Pocket Memo 9600 series to adapt to the diverse and changing business environment. It has developed a dedicated device for dictation on the go that promises ergonomics, security, durable chassis and long lasting battery life.

In cooperation with the NHS (National Health Service; the publicly funded healthcare system in the United Kingdom) and other important partners and customers, Philips enhanced its Pocket Memo 9600 series dictation recorders and SpeechExec Software to fit the right security standards.

The Pocket Memo 9600 series was made for one purpose only: dictation. No disturbing alarms, emails, incoming calls, short battery life – with the Pocket Memo you can get your job done, says the company.

The Pocket Memo 9600 series can be configured as a read-only device, preventing it from being used as removable USB mass storage. The company says you can be sure that your data is encrypted and safely stored on a memory card for maximum security. It was introduced today, Jan. 30.

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