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Peapod Virtual Grocery Store on Your Smartphone

For Chicago’s more than one million weekly train passengers, now groceries can be scanned, ordered and scheduled for home or office delivery, all via smartphones.

Peapod, a leading Internet grocer, has placed a virtual grocery store in Chicago’s highly traveled State and Lake Station Tunnel.

Not only is Peapod the first in the nation to pilot this on-the-go, virtual store concept, but it’s also the first company to mount a “tunnel takeover” ad campaign of this magnitude in Chicago, the company claims.

The campaign features wrapped tunnel walls with larger-than-life ads of grocery shelves. The shelves are stocked with popular products and household staples from brands like Coca-Cola, Barilla, Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Clark and Reckitt Benckiser.

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So, iPhone/iPad and Android users simply scan a QR code to download a free PeapodMobile app on the spot and start shopping by scanning the bar codes of the products featured in the ads.

Commuters can get orders started on the platform, manage shopping lists and schedule deliveries – for next day or even several days or weeks in advance—during their train rides to or from the office.

“Chicagoans spend, on average, more than an hour commuting to and from work each day. That’s well over 200 hours a year in transit time alone, and our schedules are more demanding than ever. Peapod’s virtual store program for commuter rail stations is a creative, convenient way for passengers to multi-task and knock out their grocery shopping on the go,” said Mike Brennan, COO, Peapod. “PeapodMobile helps turn commuting time into productive time.”

First-time Peapod customers will need to register on in order to complete their first PeapodMobile order on their smartphones.

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