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No Texting & Driving Campaign with Rachel Holder

Cellular One in Texas, Louisiana, and Montana joined forces with Nashville Recording Artist, Rachel Holder this week to promote driving safety utilizing video and audio Public Service Announcements (PSAs).

The No Texting & Driving campaign is a reminder for drivers to be safe, pay attention while driving, and not be distracted by texting or other activities that might take the focus off of driving.

“I am proud to team up with Cellular One in support of their safe driving campaign,” stated Rachel Holder.

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“The No Texting & Driving campaign is a way to educate people about the importance of safe driving habits, especially for new drivers. We are glad to have Rachel Holder join us to get the message out,” stated Jonathan Foxman, president and CEO for Cellular One.

Cellular One is a leading regional wireless carrier in the United States, serving customers in Louisiana, Texas, and Montana.

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