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NIIT to Use Blended Learning Model for Online Education

NIIT to Use Blended Learning Model for Online Education

NIIT to Use Blended Learning Model for Online Education

NIIT, which sells low-end computer training courses to students, and edX, a non-profit online learning organization, entered into a strategic partnership to offer online education in India.

Through this partnership NIIT and edX aim to create learning experiences for consumers by offering Blended Learning MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) model that provides live interactive experience.

The partnership was announced by Rajendra Pawar, Chairman NIIT, and Anant Agarwal, CEO edX, on Thursday.

Advice from RMN Digital: Students are advised not to fall prey to such schemes loaded with hype. These private educational institutions try to dupe the jobless students by showing them the employment bait and plunder money in the name of education.

They use references of big global universities and heavy jargon such as MOOC deceitfully to entice and trap the innocent students. You will not get any job after doing courses from such private education traders. Employers always want to employ students who complete their studies from globally known and respectable institutions.

Rakesh Raman

To start with, the companies claim, programs aligned to the changing future-skill-sets requirement of the industry in areas like Programming using Python from MIT, HTML5 from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Data Science & Analytics from Columbia University, and Data Science & Engineering with Spark from University of California, Berkeley will be offered jointly by NIIT and edX.

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“With the Indian education system moving fast towards online learning, MOOCs is a great way to bridge the quality, affordability and accessibility gap in education,” said Rajendra Pawar, chairman, NIIT.

The alliance between NIIT and edX will offer eLearning and instructor-led education to the students. For select courses, NIIT and edX will offer a pre-configured course that includes the MOOC, blended services from NIIT, and the certification exam from the Institutional partner. Thus, the students will be able to earn a Verified Certificate from the concerned Institute.

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