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LG Unveils Its Gruve Bluetooth Headphones

LG Electronics USA announced Tuesday a new addition to its premium line of mobile device accessories, the LG Gruve stereo Bluetooth headphones.

The LG Gruve is designed to provide superior HD sound quality and comfort, says the company.

It pairs nicely with premium mobile devices like the LG G Flex, LG G2 and LG G Pad 8.3 tablet, which all boast immersive and cinematic viewing experiences.

Targeting music lovers and busy professionals, people can use LG Gruve wired or wireless based on their preference.

It can pair wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled devices or directly plugged in with an auxiliary cable also making it ideal for schools, libraries, and other audio-learning environments.

With Google Voice Actions integration, users can hear text messages read aloud and access other useful features such as text to speech and voice activated dialing.

LG Gruve is available in black and white, comes with a storage pouch, and reusable box for on-the-go convenience.

It provides up to 19 hours of talk time and music play time, and using the wired option, which disables wireless functionality and saves even more battery power, boosts extended listening times.

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