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LG Offers ‘Techorating’ to Decorate Your TV Room

Techorating, a term coined by LG Electronics USA, is the blending of modern technology with the art of decorating to create a functional, yet stylish environment.

Celebrity technology and design expert Janna Robinson and ESPN’s Stuart Scott teamed up with LG to launch the “Sport of Techorating,” a head-to-head championship competition between two dad bloggers. LG announced it today, April 10.

Robinson coached Michael Sheehan of as he squared off against Jim Lin of in a techorating battle, with Scott providing color commentary on the home design battle.

These two dad bloggers are competing for the best techorated living room with the help of some key LG products including the LG CINEMA 3D TV and the LG Home Theater System.

Videos of the competition are posted on LG’s Facebook page where the public can vote on their favorite techorated room and enter for a chance to get their homes techorated to the max with LG’s Cinema 3D TV, LG’s Home Theater System and more.

“The beauty of techorating is that anyone can incorporate cool, up-to-date electronics into their interior if they have the right technology,” said Robinson. “It’s important to say ‘goodbye clutter’ and ‘hello technology’ while remaining true to your own style.”

To vote on your favorite blogger’s techorated room and enter to win some of the LG products featured in the videos, you can visit –

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