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Launched: FIFA World Cup Brazil Digital Sticker Album

FIFA World Cup Brazil Digital Sticker Album

FIFA World Cup Brazil Digital Sticker Album

Football fans across the world can get the Panini Online Sticker Album for the 2014 FIFA World Cup – hosted on thanks to the support of Presenting Partner, Coca-Cola.

Supporters can now collect and trade virtual stickers of the players and teams who will be taking centre stage at FIFA’s showpiece event in June and July.

Following the launch through the platform in 2010, the 2014 edition of the virtual album will give users the opportunity to collect 11 players from each of the 32 participating teams as well as an additional 40 non-player stickers including the official mascot, official match ball the FIFA World Cup Trophy and federation logos.

Those who manage to complete their entire Panini 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Online Sticker Album before 31 August 2014 will also go into a random prize draw to win one of 50 main prizes or 200 runner-up prizes.

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“The launch of the Panini FIFA World Cup Sticker Album is always a highlight event in the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup and I am pleased that we are able to provide this experience to fans virtually through,” said FIFA marketing director Thierry Weil.

This year, fans will enjoy an enhanced online experience including a swap area, collector’s groups and even the chance to get their name on the Panini 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Online Sticker Album Hall of Fame.

For the first time, the Panini Online Sticker album will be available as a smartphone and tablet app for both iOS and Android.

In order to maximise their collecting potential, users will have the chance to access additional stickers through bonus packs and promotional codes that can be found in newsletters and on social media networks for FIFA, Coca-Cola and Panini as well as on limited edition Coca-Cola bottles available in certain countries.

Additional virtual packets can also be obtained by finding codes printed on the back of the special glitter stickers within the real Panini packets which are now on sale at retail outlets.

You can start your Brazil 2014 virtual album and register for the Club to participate.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup event is taking place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13.

Photo courtesy: FIFA

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