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Intel Security to Protect New Digital Economy

Intel Security to Protect New Digital Economy

Intel Security to Protect New Digital Economy

Intel Security announced Wednesday an enhanced unified defense architecture designed to empower organizations to more effectively protect today’s new digital economy of trust, time and money.

According to Intel, no longer is our economy a physical one, but one of connected networks and systems where cybercriminals have put us on the defensive.

This new second economy has put us in a world where more than money is at stake and where private and public sectors are fighting against time and working to justify trust.

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“Cybercriminals are forcing cybersecurity companies to redraft the rules of engagement for defending the civilized world; to effectively counteract them, we have to abandon old security playbooks to become more unpredictable and collaborative and make cyber defense a priority,” said Chris Young, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Security Group.

“Our strategic charter is simple, yet disruptive: integrate, automate and orchestrate the threat defense lifecycle to drive better security outcomes – ultimately reducing more risk, faster and with fewer resources.”

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Built upon the industry’s largest open ecosystem leveraging a proven integration program, Intel Security’s unified defense architecture is enabled by four protection systems – Dynamic Endpoint, Pervasive Data Protection, Data Center and Cloud Defense, and Intelligent Security Operations – that are intelligently integrated to multiply effectiveness.

Intel Security, with its McAfee product line, is dedicated to making the digital world safer and more secure for everyone. Intel Security is a division of Intel.

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