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How Workplace by Facebook Helps You Communicate

Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Workplace platform developed by Facebook allows enterprises to set up a connectivity network for different stakeholders such as employees, buyers, and sellers. It offers different communication tools including groups, instant messaging, and News Feed.

The companies can use it to inform all users in their groups about the latest developments, notices, and daily news. The users can engage with others in a group by sharing documents and writing comments and suggestions about different projects.

Workplace also enables people to collaborate with external users such as business partners or suppliers through chats, messaging, and video calls. Workplace Chat is an instant messaging tool that allows text, voice calls, or video conferencing with up to 50 users in a particular group.


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An important feature of Workplace is Live Video that allows users to broadcast live directly from their mobile and receive real-time feedback in the form of comments and reactions. Companies can use it to hold conferences, seminars, and training sessions.

Workplace has two pricing options: Standard and Premium. Workplace Standard is free, while Workplace Premium comes for $3 USD per user, per month. Workplace Premium is also offered free to registered non-profits and staff of educational institutions.

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