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How Philips Enables You to Dictate from the Road

Philips Dictation Portfolio

Philips Dictation Portfolio

Speech Processing Solutions, a dictation solutions provider, now offers a complete Philips dictation portfolio for all industries. The customized solutions save time, increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs for professionals in all sectors, says the company.

In the healthcare sector, for example, Philips SpeechMike Premium offers better audio quality, has an antimicrobial housing and seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare IT systems.

Legal professionals, who also need to handle large amounts of correspondence and documentation every day, can use Philips products. Professionals can dictate on the go.

In the shipping industry, where a report on an oil spill can easily be around 20-30 pages long, Philips says its dictation devices speed up turnaround times by allowing professionals to send their dictations to their transcriptionists or speech recognition software whilst still on site.

In the insurance industry, adjusters also often need to record statements while on the road. When back at the office, recorded statements need to be transcribed and put into forms often by hand, making it a very tedious and time-consuming task. With Philips dictation solutions this process can be streamlined and simplified, suggests the company.

You can know more about digital dictation solutions from Philips. With its headquarters and production center located in Vienna, Austria, Speech Processing Solutions is a leading provider of professional dictation solutions.

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