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How Hospitals Use Apple Watch to Improve Patient Care

How Hospitals Use Apple Watch to Improve Patient Care

How Hospitals Use Apple Watch to Improve Patient Care

Across Healthcare, a healthcare solutions company, will assist national hospital systems that are supplying their employees with Apple Watches to improve patient care.

Numerous hospitals and integrated delivery systems are looking to deploy the Apple Watch to their physicians, nurses, and other healthcare employees.

Most people think of the Apple Watch as a predominantly consumer facing device; however, according to Across Healthcare, it recently has garnered increasing potential in the enterprise and healthcare domains.

“To this day hospitals still rely heavily on paging to notify physicians of critical patient situations. Through the Apple Watch we want to give healthcare professionals the best real-time notification and information to better treat patients,” says Johnathan Samples, CEO of Across Healthcare.

The biggest limitation to the Apple Watch operating successfully in the hospital environment remains the device’s limited battery capacity.

In order to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch, Across Healthcare has partnered with Reserve Strap Inc., a manufacturer of battery bands that, according to the company, extend the Apple Watch’s charge by over 150%.

Empowering healthcare professionals with pertinent information about their patients and schedules right on their wrists will improve patient care. Across Healthcare expects healthcare workers to adopt the Apple Watch in the coming months and stands ready to provide technology and logistical support to make the rollout seamless for hospitals.

Across Healthcare was founded by Jason Colquitt and Johnathan Samples. The company was formed to deliver solutions to the healthcare provider market.

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