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Helleo, Look at Me, I’m Calling You

This is about a new video communication tool. Video and web conferencing software company Tixeo has introduced Helleo.

It promises to be the world’s fastest communication tool as well as the easiest to use. Moreover, Helleo runs in an HTML5 web browser without any plugin.

Each team member is seen in a blurred video bubble. You just have to click on a bubble to talk to someone.

In Helleo there are no phone calls, no ringtones, no waiting, says the company. It is intended for teams needing to frequently work and talk together. You can easily communicate with one or more coworkers with multi-point video.

“The time has come for ringtones and small presence icons to make way for natural simplicity, knowing at a glance who is available,” says Renaud GHIA, CEO of Tixeo.

“The great paradox of Helleo is to believe that it is an intrusive tool, but once you use it, it’s just the opposite… Social courtesy rules apply as when you meet physically.”

According to the company, Helleo requires no plugin and not even Flash. It is based on the WebRTC technology launched by Google, already available in Chrome browser, and very soon in Firefox and Opera.

Helleo is free for personal use, costs $9 / month for business use, and is available at

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