Goby Geek is a cartoon character that has entered the tech world. Conceived and written by tech writer Rakesh Raman as a comic strip, Goby will shed light on the contemporary issues in the information-driven world, which is moving at a breakneck pace.

Goby Geek

Goby Geek

Behind the Scenes: As technology has become a veritable backbone for the smooth functioning of companies and governments alike, the spotlight is right on the tech managers. They are expected to deliver magical answers to all intractable problems.

But are they able to keep pace with the fast-changing tech world around them? Or are they usually at sea in the sea of look-alike offerings? Can they cut through the clutter to find the right solutions for their organizations? Can’t say.

In all this confusion, Goby enters the scene as a geek – as another tech manager or information officer. He offers to highlight the burning issues in the information technology world – in a serious yet hilarious way.

Yogesh Sharma, who is a versatile artist – cartoonist and illustrator – has created the illustrations presented in the Goby Geek comic strip.

So, here we go.

Goby Geek is born. And, yes, Goby is eager to meet you all. Let’s go and meet him.

Rakesh Raman

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