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Girls Fuel Valentine’s Day Searches on Yahoo!

Nearly a third of “Valentine cards” searches on Yahoo! hail from kids under 13, and overall girls fuel 22% of “Valentine cards” queries online. It was revealed by Yahoo! Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Who is in Love with Valentine’s Day?: Hearteningly, the gender distribution is more equal for the search term “Valentine Day” — with a 58% female, 42% male breakdown. Who leads the romantics in searches for V-day on Yahoo!? Texans, followed by the good folks inOhio,Arizona,New YorkandPennsylvania.

On a regional level, anticipation is building for Valentine’s Day inLos Angeles,Cleveland,Philadelphia,Pittsburghand Dallas-Fort Worth, where searches are spiking. Note that two cities inPennsylvaniamake the regional list — but then, would you expect anything less of a place who believes in brotherly love?

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Ruled by rites of passage, teens just might see Valentine’s Day as a marker for their emotional development. Searches on Yahoo! for “first kiss” have spiked among kids 13-17, as have the details in “making out” and “relationship advice.” What has dropped in the past 7 days on Yahoo! are lookups — which were tiny to begin with — into “marriage license” (+59%).

Emo Teens: As a breed whose hormones are raging faster than their brains are developing, teens also look for ways to express their passionate sorrow as much as their deep affections. Whatever the sentiment, they want to make sure they word things well, be it a pithy declaration or a recital of a well-known verse.

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The top “romance” searches among teens 13-17 on Yahoo!, past 7 days

  • Cute short love quotes (searches are up 1,406%)
  • Horoscopes compatibility (searches are up 981%)
  • Love Horoscope (searches are up 857%)
  • Love Letters (searches are up 105%)
  • What is Love (searches are up 53%)
  • Making Out (Breakout)
  • Relationship Advice (Breakout)
  • First Kiss (Breakout)

***Breakout refers to searches that received little to no searches the week/month before and are now gaining interest

Not a teen? Here’s a look at what every day people are searching for on Yahoo!:

When is Valentine’s Day and what do I give my love?

  • When is Valentine’s Day (+1,054%)
  • Valentine gifts for men (+1,333%)
  • Valentine Gifts (+118%)
  • Valentine Day Ideas (+53%)
  • Valentine Hearts (+40%)
  • Romance (+6%)
  • Cupid (+4%)
  • Valentine’s Day Recipes (breakout)
  • Cupid’s Counterpart (breakout)

“Measuring compatibility” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Love meter (+29%)
  • Love tester (+3%)
  • Love calculator (+1%)
  • Love quizzes (breakout)

Polish your vases – flowers are still sweet:

  • Spring flowers (+53%)
  • Send flowers (+53%)
  • Pink Roses (+25%)
  • Blue Rose (+19%)
  • Most beautiful flowers (+17%)
  • Flower delivery (+13%)
  • Hawaiian flowers (+11%)
  • Roses (+10%)
  • Flower Shop (+9%)
  • Red roses (+8%)
  • Lotus flower (+4%)
  • Sunflower (+2%)
  • Black roses (breakout)
  • Pink Flowers (breakout)

Did You Know?: The biggest spikes on Yahoo! for “flowers” come every Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day.

“Old-fashioned declarations” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Romantic Love Letters (+272%)
  • Valentine Cards (+148%)
  • Valentine Poems (+131%)
  • Love Quotes and Sayings (+445%)
  • Romantic Love Poems (+14%)
  • Best Love Songs (+8%)
  • I Love You Poems (+7%)

“More modern declarations” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Love icons (+53%)
  • Love Messages (+359%)
  • I love u (+32%)

“Crafty kids celebrate” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Free Valentine Coloring Pages (+588%)
  • Valentine pictures (+172%)
  • Valentine Clipart (+54%)
  • Valentine Crafts (+35%)
  • Heart pictures (+31%)
  • Valentine decorations (+4%)
  • How to draw a rose (+3%)

“Platonic relationships” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Friendship poems (+6%)
  • Friendship quotes (+3%)

“Commitment” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Zales engagement rings (+104%)
  • Engagement (+80%)
  • Flower tattoos (+13%)
  • Love tattoos (+11%)
  • Vera Wang engagement rings (breakout)

“Sweet eats” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • M&M Candy (+170%)
  • Bulk Candy (+24%)
  • Chocolate covered strawberries (+19%)
  • Hershey chocolate (+6%)
  • See’s Candy (+6%)
  • Chocolate (+6%)
  • Candy (+2%)
  • Mars Candy (breakout)
  • Sweethearts (breakout)

“The dark side of love” search trends on Yahoo!:

  • Broken heart syndrome (+103%)
  • Love hurts (+24%)
  • Sad love quotes (+21%)
  • Ex girlfriend pics (+15%)
  • Broken heart (+4%)
  • “My Bloody Valentine 3D” (breakout)

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