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Free Software to Help You Publish Digital Magazines


PUB HTML5 has begun to offer a new and dynamic HTML5 multimedia magazine publishing software with extensive editing and customization features.

The features include allowing customers to communicate their appreciation regarding the ability to edit a wide range of content types.

As the digital marketing industry changes to meet search engine optimization and content quality standards, tools such as those provided by PUB HTML5’s multimedia publishing platform are a quality feature for personal bloggers and corporations alike, says the company.

The extensive editing features that PUB HTML5’s rich multimedia publishing platform provides allow each user to adjust the sizing, look, and visual feel for their online publication in a user-friendly, hassle free manner.

The PUB HTML5 platform’s updates and new features include a user-friendly approach to integrate content with CMS platforms such as WordPress, and the ability to embed YouTube videos, as well as audio and MP4 video.

After an individual creates an online publication, this software makes the syndication and conversion process seamless and dynamic. These publications can be converted into a Microsoft friendly version, as well as PDF and other offline versions.

The software not only provides full editing and customization options, but also offer some helpful resources such as a keyword search engine. It even allows users to make their content search engine friendly, according to the company.

With internet marketing placing a large amount of weight on quality online content, software such as PUB HTML5’s flip book platform allows for the creation of responsive and unique online marketing content.

PUB HTML5 offers modern platforms and tools for publishing online magazines, HTML5 digital newspaper, responsive digital catalogues and brochures.

The products that PUB HTML5 provides are accessible from all major platform types, including iOS, Windows and Android.

Photo courtesy: PUB HTML5

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