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Donald Trump Inspires a New Card Game TrumpIt!

Donald Trump Inspires a New Card Game TrumpIt!

Donald Trump Inspires a New Card Game TrumpIt!

The 2016 presidential campaign has inspired a new card game that captures the colorful personality of the haystack-haired presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

TrumpIt! The “Art of the Dealer” Card Game – new from startup company Rosusana, LLC – combines familiar elements of classic trick-taking games that use trumps, like Bridge and Spades, with a dash of Crazy Eights-like unpredictability.

The challenge in TrumpIt!, says the game’s inventor, Ron Schaumburg, is that the trump suit changes with every trick. “Just like the candidate,” he says, “TrumpIt never ceases to surprise you.”

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One such surprise is that the hearts and diamonds in the TrumpIt! deck are printed, not in red, but in a luminous orange – a tribute to both the candidate’s golden touch and his glowing skin tones. The deck also includes four Woman Cards – all Queens.

The game, for four players, combines strategy, luck, and a smidgen of satire. Players vie to rack up big points – those juicy TrumpIt stakes. But one wrong move and you could end up bankrupt. In most games, play proceeds to the left, but TrumpIt! plays to the right.

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As the game unfolds, players take turns being the Big Dealer, a job with its share of perks. The dealer doesn’t shuffle – another player, the Apprentice, does the grunt work.

The Big Dealer gets to bid first – and he’s the only player who can change his mind on a whim. He also deals all of his cards to himself first, giving himself a Big Hand (while his opponents all have small hands).

In case of a tie, the Dealer wins. Since the rules favor the Dealer, there won’t be many complaints about being treated unfairly.

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And because the Jokers also come into play, the deck contains 54 cards. “TrumpIt! has a big deck,” says Schaumburg. “I guarantee you there’s no problem there.”

“In this election, there are a lot of wildcards in play,” says Teaneck, NJ-based Schaumburg. “But when you play TrumpIt!, everyone’s a winner – well, except for the three players who end up losers.”

TrumpIt! – including a 54-card custom deck, player tokens, rule booklet, game-at-a-glance summary, score sheet, and keepsake metal box – is now available at a retail price of $12.95. About Rosusana is a start-up company dedicated to developing games with a timely twist. TrumpIt! is its first product.

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