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Digital Analytix Monetization Solution for Publishers

Digital market research company comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) has launched its Digital Analytix Monetization.

It is a new module in the Digital Analytix platform that provides publishers with viewability and duration data for ad placements on their web sites to enable inventory and package optimization.

As the digital advertising industry moves rapidly toward a viewable impression standard, Digital Analytix Monetization empowers publishers with data-driven insights, says the company.

Introduced Tuesday, Oct. 9, it is aimed to help them deliver not only the transparency and improved performance that advertisers demand, but also an enhanced user experience for their readers.

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“Digital Analytix is a cutting-edge big data platform that maximizes the value of digital investments, by allowing publishers to scale and be agile with their ad and content delivery in this ever-shifting digital environment,” said Elise Neel, senior VP, comScore.

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Digital Analytix Monetization provides publishers with the capability to perform seamless viewability-based inventory analysis and planning. Publishers can access ad viewability, duration and revenue data directly within the analytics reporting platform.

They can use viewability data to better price placements and impressions based on their ability to engage and affect a reader. Publishers will also gain insights through site metrics integration at the placement, page, section and site level, and analyze performance to help them repackage placements while optimizing inventory and margins.

Monetization allows publishers to price their placements and packages to accurately reflect the quality of their content, suggest comScore.

Photo courtesy: comScore

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