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Comcast Xfinity Voice Offers Free Text Messaging

Comcast, a leading provider of entertainment, information, and communications products and services, has announced two new, free Xfinity Voice features that will make it even easier for customers to communicate either at home or on the go.

Now included with its ‘Xfinity Voice Unlimited Nationwide’ plan, customers can enjoy free text messaging from the Xfinity Mobile app for Apple and Android-powered smartphones, iPads and iPod touch devices, as well as the ability to receive transcribed voicemail messages that can be read instantly.

Announced Wednesday, March 28, both features also can be accessed online via the Xfinity Connect web portal at

“We’re bringing millions of Xfinity Voice customers free access to innovative features that have typically been associated either with their wireless plans or with business use,” said Cathy Avgiris, executive VP, Data and Communications Services.

“We’re evolving our service to go well beyond a traditional home phone experience, and, at the same time, save our customers money on their wireless bills.”

Comcast also has announced the launch of Xfinity Streampix, a new subscription video service that enables Xfinity video customers to instantly view favorite movies and TV shows in and out of the home, including numerous past seasons of current hit shows and full series, to multiple screens and devices including TVs (as a subscription On Demand folder), online platforms and mobile devices. (Read: Comcast Streaming Video Service Xfinity Streampix)

The Xfinity Mobile app makes it easy for Xfinity Voice customers to send and receive text messages for free using their home phone number. Text messaging also is available online via the Xfinity Connect web portal, which provides quick and easy access to email, voicemail, Twitter and Facebook, as well as Contacts, Calendar and DVR management.

Alerts can be sent to customer devices so they’ll know when they’ve received a new text and can respond to it right away. Text messages can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the country, as well as more than three dozen countries including China, Brazil, Canada and, soon, Mexico, all for free as part of Xfinity Voice. Even more countries will be added in the future.

The readable voicemail feature provides a transcription of a customer’s voicemail that can be read in an email message and automatically sent to multiple email addresses. Messages can be viewed instantaneously and read in real time eliminating the need to log in to voicemail, listen to a message, take notes and delete it.

Messages can be read on any Internet-enabled device and customers can also request to receive an audio file of the voicemail as an attachment, which can be a convenient way to share a message with a group.

Xfinity Voice is an IP-enabled service that delivers all of the functions of traditional phone service, plus enhanced features that are integrated with other Comcast services like universal caller ID, which displays calls on your TV, PC, tablet, smartphone or cordless phone.

Xfinity Voice offers digital-quality phone service with unlimited direct-dial local and domestic long-distance calling, Web access to voicemail, E911 service, and 12 calling features plus better rates on a variety of International calling plans.

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