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Avatar: Discover Pandora Interactive Exhibition in Taiwan

Avatar: Discover Pandora

Avatar: Discover Pandora

Avatar fans in Taiwan will be the first to experience the new, interactive exhibition, Avatar: Discover Pandora, inspired by James Cameron’s blockbuster film.

Together with Lightstorm Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Location Based Entertainment, GES partnered with Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd. to bring Avatar: Discover Pandora to Taiwan for its global premiere at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi Place A11 6F, Xinyi Theatre in Taipei for a three-month showcase.

“The premiere of the exhibition marks the culmination of more than two years of work to bring James Cameron’s vision of Pandora to audiences around the world and we are thrilled to make Taiwan the first stop of the exhibition’s five-year global tour,” said Eddie Newquist, chief creative officer and EVP at GES.

Presenting Pandora as a real place, this unique, hands-on exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience the science and the wonder of Pandora right here on earth.

Both entertaining and educational, the exhibition showcases a series of exciting and engaging immersive environments that highlight Pandora’s diverse and exotic flora and fauna, along with the amazing culture and mythology of its indigenous people, the Na’vi.

The exhibition emphasizes the beauty and mystery of Pandora, bringing it back to Earth for a compelling exploration of how Pandora mirrors our own planet and what we can learn from it.

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