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AOL Premieres New Show “What to Watch”

AOL Premieres New Show “What to Watch”

AOL Premieres New Show “What to Watch”

Leading media technology company AOL has announced the premiere of its new show What to Watch, an informative entertainment show that will pinpoint for viewers what they should be watching.

What to Watch streams on at 3pm ET each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with short, snackable episodes hosted by AOL BUILD host and former HuffPost Live host Ricky Camilleri.

Each 4-7 minute episode of What to Watch will give viewers a guide to what you should be watching as well as comedy sketches, celebrity cameos, parodies, and discussions around trending content.

Each episode will consist of four to six individual segments, including regular franchises like:

“Sock Puppet Theater” – Ricky and his guests act out some of film and TV’s most beloved scenes with sock puppets

“If It Were a Kids’ Show” – where kids share their interesting perspectives on adult plots

“Showrunner On Showrunner” – mashing up the masterminds behind the most loved shows

“OD TV” – will educate consumers on what they need to binge watch right now and why

“Green Room Confidential” – watch celebrities do the darndest things in the green room while they wait to go live…or not

All new episodes of What to Watch will feature a variety of celebrities. Viewers can expect cameos from Chris Harrison, Lisa Lampinelli, Riki Lindhome, Victor Garber, Jason Ritter, Cole Hauser and Daniel Sunjata in future episodes.

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