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American Time to Use GainSpan for Wi-Fi Clocks

GainSpan Corporation, which offers ultra-low power Wi-Fi connectivity for the Internet of Things, announced Monday that American Time is using GainSpan technology to power its recently released line of Wi-Fi clocks.

Wi-Fi Clocks

Wi-Fi Clocks

Using the combination of GainSpan’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi and a battery booster pack, the battery powered American Time Wi-Fi Network Clock series allows facility managers to install the clock anywhere throughout a facility and not worry about maintenance, as the clock maintains synchronized time and requires no battery replacement for five years.

American Time, which provides integrated time solutions, offers everything from clock repair for the White House to complete timekeeping systems for corporations to a presence in half of the K-12 schools in the U.S., says GainSpan.

Its new Wi-Fi Clock is designed for schools, universities, healthcare facilities, businesses and manufacturing plants.

The Wi-Fi Network Clock powered by GainSpan is available worldwide from American Time either online or through regional sales teams.

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