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Alternative Facts of Donald Trump: Islamic Terrorism

Islamic Terrorism

Alternative Facts of Donald Trump: Islamic Terrorism

The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!

Questions for Mr. Trump

  • What made you think that terrorists belong to the Islamic religion or Islam?
  • Do you want to say that nearly 2 billion people who belong to Islam are terrorists?
  • Why can’t we think that it’s not any religion, but corrupt politicians are behind all forms of terrorism in the world?
  • What is happening in Europe and the Middle-East? You tell us. Why do you want to spread fear among people?
  • What are courts supposed to do if it’s Islamic terrorism? Then do you admit that it’s not a travel ban that you have imposed, but actually it’s a ban on Muslims’ entry into the United States?

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By Rakesh Raman, who is a government award-winning journalist and runs free school for deserving children under his NGO – RMN Foundation.

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