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Yahoo Small Business Introduces Business Maker

Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Yahoo Small Business has introduced Business Maker, a new platform to help small businesses and aspiring business owners start, run, and grow their own business.

More than a marketplace of services, according to Yahoo, Business Maker intelligently recommends specific steps and solutions based on where a small business is in its lifecycle. These could include enabling customers to create business plans, form a legal business entity, establish an online presence and collect payments – all from a single platform.

In addition, Yahoo Small Business has introduced its first physical retail solution, with a point-of-sale product to help storeowners better manage sales and inventory.

“Starting a new business can be a daunting and disconnected process,” said Kush Shrivastava, managing director of Yahoo Small Business. “With Business Maker, we’re empowering budding entrepreneurs and small businesses with a guided ‘one-stop shop’ for establishing, managing, and growing their businesses.”

Business Maker provides a comprehensive selection of tailored services that offer small businesses the opportunity to manage their business plans, legal services, online presence, and points of sales all from a single dashboard through each stage of their business. The services offered through Business Maker include:

  • Business plan guide
  • Legal packages and guides
  • Online presence development, including website, domain, and email boxes
  • Point of sale mobile app with back office tools and a choice of 3 card readers
  • Localworks business listings

The platform enables seamless data exchange across applications, simplifying the entire process of getting a business up and running. Currently, service providers include: LegalInc, PayPal, Symantec, Tucows Domains, Yahoo Small Business, and Yext.

Further, Business Maker is built on a mobile-first platform and powered by a modern architecture that ensures continual uptime and continuous upgrades, without customers having to update services manually. This ensures the platform is available when and where it’s needed.

The platform also features a unified dashboard with Single Sign-on (SSO) and a single view of all products integrated into the platform, further streamlining the customer experience. Guided tracks, a to-do list, and resources simplify usability, meaning even non-digital savvy customers can start and manage their businesses with ease.

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