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Toshiba Demonstrates Its Dual Camera Module

Toshiba America today makes available sample quantities of its TCM9518MD, claimed to be the industry’s first dual camera module.

It will be able to simultaneously output recorded images and depth data for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

The twin camera modules and a dedicated companion LSI chip simultaneously deliver deep focus images in which foreground and background, and all points in between, are in focus with depth data provided for each object in the picture.

The dual camera module will be demonstrated this week at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We expect the TCM9518MD to drive new applications for smartphone, tablets and mobile devices including refocus and defocus; highlighting objects in a scene and then editing, cropping etc.; as well as image and gesture operation,” says Andrew Burt, vice president of the Image Sensor Business Unit, System LSI Group at Toshiba.

“Not only does the dual camera module enable these advanced capabilities with fast digital focus and little shutter lag, the device doesn’t require any focus motors, so it can be built much thinner than today’s 13-megapixel camera modules.”

Sample shipments of the TCM9518MD are now available. Its price is $50 (U.S.)

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