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Shocase Presents: An Original Mini-Documentary Series

Shocase Presents: An Original Mini-Documentary Series

Shocase Presents: An Original Mini-Documentary Series

Shocase, a marketing network, unveiled Wednesday Shocase Presents, an original mini-documentary series that will share insights and perspective from the marketing sector.

The series, which will air on Shocase and be presented to its community of marketing professionals, will be divided into four main categories:

  • Creative Works – Those that push the bounds of creativity
  • Rising Stars – The up-and-comers in the marketing world
  • Mastercraft – Industry legends who are true marketing masters
  • Then & Now – Topics that explore the evolution of marketing over time

“The idea of Shocase Presents is to give Shocase members a glimpse behind the curtain at the best of the best in the marketing world as they share their stories, ideas and perspectives on their industry,” said Ron Young, Shocase’s founder and CEO.

First up in the video series is Chuck McBride, chief creative officer of Cutwater and the mastermind behind the “Got Milk?” campaign.

McBride will be followed by YouTube marketing expert Brendan Gahan, the social media strategist behind the viral video for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, “Ape with AK47.”

Graphic design titan Kit Hinrichs and Mekanism president and CEO Jason Harris will be featured soon after, and new installments will be added on a regular basis, says the company.

Shocase is a professional social network, which enables its members to stay informed of the latest news and trends that impact their professional lives, strengthen working relationships and ultimately grow their business.

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