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Nissan Launches The Big Turn On Digital Campaign

The campaign aims to reach one million potential electric vehicle (EV) advocates in France, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, through a combination of myth-busting achievements and direct interaction via a massive digital and social movement.

Nissan is a heavy user of digital, social media channels for its brand communications. The automaker claims to be the only brand in the automotive industry that ranks close to the top social media players including Twitter itself, Apple and Nike. (Read: How Nissan Runs on Social Media)

Also, Nissan launched a social media-directed Nissan 370Z build-up called “Project 370Z.” The project aimed to utilize the knowledge of Nissan Z fans to help direct the creation of Nissan 370Z. It invited fans on Facebook to vote on potential modifications and follow along with the progress online. (Read: Nissan Invites Facebook Fans for Car Project)

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And the Nissan LEAF application for smartphones – which allows LEAF owners to be in direct contact with their vehicle at all times – was launched for use on Blackberry and Android operating systems. (Read: Nissan LEAF Application for Smartphones)

‘Turning on’ is as easy as a ‘click’ – consumers can pledge their commitment to EV by clicking the ‘turn on’ button via The Big Turn On website (, via social media channels or by signing up for a LEAF test drive.

Cities all over Europe will be invited to embrace electric driving and encourage their communities to support Nissan’s campaign – ‘The Big Turn On’ – in a bid to win 30 quick chargers from Nissan.

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The quick chargers are part of a wider initiative from Nissan to get one million consumers switched onto electric driving, in just 100 days. The basis of ‘The Big Turn On’ campaign is to engage the public and support their cities’ bid to win a new electric driving infrastructure from Nissan.

These chargers improve the speed of charging electric cars and help improve the infrastructure for a new zero-emissions future. A quick charger, which complies with the international CHAdeMO standard, can recharge an empty battery to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes, as opposed to the standard charger type, which takes approximately eight hours.

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Nissan is also helping to establish the infrastructure needed if the EV is to make a significant contribution to inner-city air quality. By the end of 2012, the company will have given away over 400 quick chargers to local authorities and partners with the ultimate aim of developing a network of thousands of chargers and creating a number of Electric Highways to link cities across Europe.

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“Nissan was the first manufacturer to mass produce an all-electric car – the Nissan LEAF. We recognise the importance of a zero-emissions future and to date, along with our Alliance partner, Renault, have invested over €4 billion into electric mobility. Now it’s time to tell Europe about the benefits and demonstrate the Nissan LEAF is a real alternative today, and ‘The Big Turn On’ is designed to do just that,” said Paul Willcox, senior VP for Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe.

The new campaign was announced Friday, March 30.

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