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Malala Fund and Give Lively Offer Fundraising Technology to Nonprofits

Simple Widget

Simple Widget

Malala Fund—a nonprofit organization co-founded by Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai that advocates globally for girls’ education—teamed up with tech startup Give Lively to build “Simple Widget.”

It is a new donation widget that provides an elevated donation experience nonprofits can take advantage of directly on their own websites. Simple Widget is now available for free to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Successful fundraising through digital platforms has become critical for most nonprofits, but especially for organizations like Malala Fund whose supporters primarily interact with them online.

“We wanted to give particular focus to enhancing and streamlining the donor experience,” explains Hannah Orenstein, Digital Manager at Malala Fund. “As soon as supporters learn about our mission and are compelled to give, it’s important that they are able to do so as quickly, easily and as securely as possible.”

Give Lively is a philanthropist-funded startup in New York City that is disrupting the nonprofit space by building innovative fundraising tech and giving it away to nonprofits for free. “We loved that the Give Lively team was nonprofit driven and not necessarily ‘business’ driven,” says Orenstein.

Simple Widget is built with mobile-first design and features like Apple Pay and Google Pay which allow donors to get through the donation process as seamlessly as possible by reducing payment to a single tap. Nonprofits can customize Simple Widget to fit their brand and easily embed onto their websites.

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